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“Don't believe that chocolate is a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate.” ~Miranda Ingram

 Does your occasion call for chocolate with an unmistakable sensual side? Whether it’s an intimate anniversary or a bachelorette party, you want it to be memorable!

Julie’s Delights offers an array of decidedly sexy chocolates that are sure to have everyone swooning.  Ask me about my bachelorette party kit, custom creations, or classic favourites. Let me help you make a big impression!

Click here to view a list of my sensual chocolates, sure to make your guest(s) feel decadent and pampered.





I am proud to introduce my most unique and talked-about products. These delectable confections will surprise you!


Have you ever heard of pairing bacon and chocolate? Sounds crazy, right? But you wouldn’t believe how they work together. I encourage you to try it! Everything is better with bacon! My red wine chocolate is another unusual but well-loved combination.

I am now working on new recipes with beer. I’ll keep you posted on these beautiful additions coming soon.

Check back here often to learn about my latest creations! 

“Because Chocolate” parties



You don't have to wait for a special occasion to throw a private chocolate party. Being a chocolate lover is a reason enough! It’s a memorable way to entertain your friends that creates a distinct “Wow!” factor.

Let's have some fun, and allow you and your friends to indulge in a chocolate party… just because!

Each party includes an interactive presentation on my handmade Belgian chocolate, followed by more tasting of an array of divine chocolate.

Included: Chocolate fondue and sampling of chocolates and other products, depending on the season.




Pairing chocolate with any beverage is a journey. Whether it’s wine, beer, whisky, champagne (the list is endless), the important thing is to let yourself go, enjoy the ride, and taste with all your senses!

When the right beverage is paired with the right chocolate, it can be a match made in heaven!

Contact me to explore pairing my chocolates with your favourite beverage!

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It's so easy to love our chocolate.... 

it's soooo good and always made with love !!!!
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