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" You got Dark and Milk Chocolate and you got Julie's Delights Chocolate"


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Bonjour! My name is Julie Briere and I’m a professional chocolatier. I create high-quality, small-batch, handmade Belgian chocolates for individuals and businesses who wish to infuse a bit of decadence into their lives and relationships.

As a passionate chocolate artist, nothing makes me happier than to enhance the lives of others with my creations—whether as part of one’s own pampering self-care or special occasion, or as part of a business’s plan to create sweeter connections with customers. 

I’m delighted to see my creations becoming more well-known and popular at Victoria venues such as the Out of Hand Artisan Fair, Dickens Fair, and Tudor House Liquor Store, and excited to help businesses attract and retain loyal customers with délicieux VIP events.

My path to becoming a chocolatier began in 2007, when I moved to Victoria, B.C., and fell in love with handmade Belgian chocolate. This sweet discovery eventually led me to enrol in Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, from which I graduated in 2013. Since then, I’ve worked hard to combine my passion, ideas and talents to create Julie’s Delights.

I hope you’ll peruse the mouth-watering ideas on these pages, then come join me on my Chocolate Cloud!

Avec amour, Julie

 '' I am a chocolate lover - always have been and when I first tasted Julie's chocolates, I was hooked! 

Fresh, local with no preservatives - WOW! I get Julie's chocolate every chance I get. 

Hand made and Delicious, obviously made with love from her heart... Jan '' 

I would be delighted to hear from you!

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